HP 78 (C6578AE) Genuine Colour Ink Cartridge

3 Colours Cartridge
HP 78 (C6578AE) Genuine Colour Ink Cartridge
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HP 78 (C6578AE) Genuine Colour Ink Cartridge Delivery 
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HP C6578AE

Brand - 27 HP
Model C6578AE
Product Type Genuine Ink Cartridge (More)
Capacity 1,200 Pages Approx @ 5% Coverage
Other ID c6578ae, HP-78, HP 78, HP78, hp-78, hp 78, hp78
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Genuine C6578AE Genuine Colour ink Cartridge manufactured by HP

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Following printers are compatible with
HP 78 (C6578AE) Genuine Colour Ink Cartridge

HP Copier 310 Ink HP Deskjet 1180C Ink HP Deskjet 1200 Ink
HP Deskjet 1220C Ink HP Deskjet 1220CSE Ink HP Deskjet 1220CXI Ink
HP DeskJet 1280 Ink HP Deskjet 3820 Ink HP Deskjet 3822 Ink
HP Deskjet 6122 Ink HP Deskjet 6127 Ink HP Deskjet 916 Ink
HP Deskjet 920 C Ink HP Deskjet 920Cvr Ink HP Deskjet 920Cxi Ink
HP Deskjet 9300 Ink HP Deskjet 930C Ink HP Deskjet 932C Ink
HP Deskjet 933C Ink HP Deskjet 934C Ink HP Deskjet 935C Ink
HP Deskjet 940 C Ink HP Deskjet 940 Cvr Ink HP Deskjet 948 Ink
HP Deskjet 950C Ink HP Deskjet 952C Ink HP Deskjet 955C Ink
HP Deskjet 959C Ink HP Deskjet 960C Ink HP Deskjet 960CSE Ink
HP Deskjet 960CXI Ink HP Deskjet 970C Ink HP Deskjet 970CSE Ink
HP Deskjet 970CXI Ink HP Deskjet 980CXI Ink HP Deskjet 990C Ink
HP Deskjet 990CSE Ink HP Deskjet 990CXI Ink HP Deskjet 995C Ink
HP FAX-1220 Ink HP FAX-1220xi Ink HP FAX-1230 Ink
HP FAX-1230xi Ink HP Ink HP Officejet G55 Ink
HP Officejet G55XI Ink HP Officejet G85 Ink HP Officejet G85XI Ink
HP Officejet G95 Ink HP Officejet K60 Ink HP Officejet K60XI Ink
HP Officejet K80 Ink HP Officejet K80XI Ink HP Officejet V40 Ink
HP Officejet V40XI Ink HP OfficeJet V45 Ink HP Photosmart 1115 Ink
HP Photosmart 1215 Ink HP Photosmart 1215VM Ink HP Photosmart 1218 Ink
HP Photosmart 1218xi Ink HP Photosmart 1315 Ink HP Photosmart P1000 Ink
HP Photosmart P1100 Ink HP Photosmart P1100XI Ink HP Photosmart P1215 Ink
HP Photosmart P1215VM Ink HP Photosmart P1218 Ink HP Photosmart P1218XI Ink
HP PSC-700 Ink HP PSC-750 Ink HP PSC-750xi Ink
HP PSC-900 Ink HP PSC-940 Ink HP PSC-950 Ink
HP PSC-950vr Ink HP PSC-950xi Ink
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